Land Stewardship

Toghotthele Corporation owns over 138,000 acres spread around Alaska's interior. This land supports substistance activities such as fishing, firewood cutting, hunting, and berry picking.  We have some of the Interior's most productive forestlands along the banks of the Tanana River and uplands on the Nenana Ridge.  Meanwhile out in the Minto Flats there is opportunity for oil and gas development and productive agricultural land.

If we want our land to continue to provide these benefits far out into the future, we have to care for our land and develop our resources responsibly and sustainably.  For over thirty years Toghotthele has combined conservation activities with our timber and gravel operations to provide local jobs now while ensuring the resources will still be around to provide substistance and employment for future generations.


Our forest resources are one of our corporation's most valuable assets.  The woods along the Tanana River and on the Nenana Ridge provide shareholders with opportunities to cut firewood, harvest berries, and hunt for moose, bears, ducks, and grouse.  In this way we stay in touch with our culture and maintain our independence.

The woods also provide economic opportunity and shareholder jobs.  Trees are a renewable resource and we are working to build a sustainable industry that can provide jobs while protecting the forests for future generations.  We are actively working to improve our forests through tree planting, insect and disease prevention, and responsible harvesting.  Every year we are building up our equipment and expertise and helping to produce new products, such as cabin kits, wood chips and pellets that help the local economy.

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